Helen Brough is an artist. B.A Honours First Class and a M.A in sculpture from Chelsea School of Art. Awards include the Prix de Rome, and the Prince Charles travel scholarship. The Soros foundation funded her exhibitions in Romania and Hungary. In America she received funding from the Pollock/Krasner Foundation and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. 

 “My subject matter is nature, whether it is about light, landscape or a flower I am inspired by the natural world. What I am seeking is not the real or the unreal but something intangible”.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 (Upcoming) Opening July 4th.
In Malmo, Sweden. with the Nordic

2018 Frieze Week- Dahlia Cuore at The Melia
White House, Regents Park London.

2018    POP UP with the Nordic Art Agency ,                          Malmo, Sweden

2017    Dahlia Cuore Sculpture commissioned by                 British Land, Broadgate, London, UK.

2017     AAF Stockholm with Nordic Art, Sweden.

2015     "From London"  Mayson Gallery NY,                            USA.

2012     "Oriental Luminescence" 88 Wood Street                    EC1, London, UK.

2011      "Luminous" Coningsby Gallery, London, UK.

2010      "Deliriously Urbane" Coningsby Gallery,                     London, UK.

2008       New Works Allen Gallery, Chelsea                              NY, USA.

2006       "Cataclysmic Hypotheses", Bemis Center                   of Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE, USA.  

2006      "Emulated Flora" 70 Washington Street in                  DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

2003       "Urban Movements" - Kristen                                      Frederickson Contemporary Art -NY,                          USA.    

2003      "Resins" Darkroom Gallery, Omaha, NE,                      USA.

2001        "New Works"   Gallery Elenor, Oslo,                             Norway.


Group Exhibitions

2018        Mayson Gallery New York , NY  

2017       The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY US, 

               The Other Art Fair, Victoria House,                             London, UK.

               "Group Show"  Mayson Gallery, NY, USA.

2016      The Other Art Fair, Victoria House,London,                UK.

              The Other Art Fair,   Arnofini Bristol, UK.

              The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery,                          London.UK.

2015       Royal Academy Summer Show, London.                     UK.

2014       At Home with Marcelle Joseph, Ascot,UK.

              "Illuminated" Marburae Gallery, UK

           "New Sculpture Projects"  Part of London                  Festival of Architecture, 24/8 UK.

2013     "Sublimate,Sublime,Subliminal"  The                            underdog Gallery London, UK.

             "Sublimate,Sublime,Subliminal"  The Lloyds                Club, London, UK.

2012     "Passionate Dynamics" Elga Wimmer                          Gallery, NY, USA.

2010   "Eye World"  Triple Candie, NY, NY, USA.

           "The Business of Aura" Elga Wimmer gallery,               NY, USA.

2008    "Curiouser and Curiouser", Rebecca                            Kormind gallery, Copenhagen

2008    "Nature Interrupted" Chelsea Art                                Museum, NY, USA.

2007     SCOPE  Art Basel Miami, FL, USA.

2007    "Helen Brough and Josette Urso"    Allen                   gallery, NY, USA.

2006    "American Exposure" Memphis, TN, USA.

2006    DUMBO Art Center Winter auction.DUMBO,               Brooklyn, NY, USA.

2006    "Open studios" DUMBO, Arts Festival,                       DUMBO Brooklyn, NY.USA.

2006      "London Art Fair" – Waterhouse & Dodd -                 Switch Art Library - London, UK.

2005    "Building Blocks" - Plaza 5, Jersey City, NJ,                USA.

2005    "A.A.F." - Laumont Editions – NY, USA.

2004    "Random Selections" - George Waters                        Gallery - Elmira, NY, USA.

2004    "Projects 04" - Islip Art Museum - Islip, NY,                  USA.


Selected Collections

Canacord , London.UK

Cantor Fitzgerald Collection, NY, NY, USA

Two Trees 70 Washington St, DUMBO, Brooklyn, USA.

William Louis Dreyfus collection, NY, NY, USA.

Joslyn Art Museum- Omaha, NE, USA

National Art Museum - Budapest, Hungary

Ashurst Corporation, London, UK.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE, USA.

Omaha Steaks- Omaha, NE, USA.        


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