Open Studio Events by Helen Brough

The studio is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Please call or email if you are making a special trip as sometimes this changes! The address is 218 Archway Road N6 5AX. 0208 340 6383 or 07535970242.


Glass Work in progress by Helen Brough

Here are some pictures I took of the glass works once they came out of the kiln at Finished pieces will be 8 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm painted and fired glass , UV bonded with LED light panels.

All inspired by Mary Kingsley , the voyage of climbing Mount Cameroon and the vegetation that she found there.


In progress #3.jpg
In progress #1.jpg

Women Only- A Female History of Highgate by Helen Brough

Currently working on a new project organised by Alicia Pivario, inviting local artists to produce works relating to great women from Highgate. Lovely to be involved in a local project that celebrates pioneering women.

I have chosen Mary Henrietta Kingsley, an explorer who broke the boundaries of what was expected of women of her time. Contemptuous of Europe's 'civilising mission' in Africa, Mary Kingsley's (1862-1900) extraordinary journeys through tropical west Africa are a remarkable record, both of a world which has vanished and of a writer and explorer of immense bravery, wit and humanity. Paddling through mangrove swamps, fending off crocodiles, climbing Mount Cameroon, Kingsley is both admirable and funny. 

I am excited to be using glass, a medium I am really familiar with and am firing my individual pieces this week. Updates to follow!